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RCF Unit Manager / Activity Director - Theresa Bergsma
Portland, Oregon - Gateway Care Center

Professional Summary Certified Nursing Assistant with home health care and hospice care experience....

Medical Assistant - Nicole Hoang
Portland, Oregon - Calcagno Pediatrics

Professional Summary Medical Assistant with 7+ years work in a faced - paced pediatric clinic with e...

Attendant - Barbara Wade
Portland, Oregon - Myers Court

Summary To Become an administrative assistant so i can utilize my skills in an office setting. Hig...

Portland, Oregon - David Douglas High School

Professional Summary As a fully certified French instructor for grades 6 - 12, my year of study an...

Sales Associate - Jessie Morgan
Portland, Oregon - Quilting Delights

Objective A challenging position within a growing organization committed to product quality and abov...

EMT-Basic / Wheelchair Driver - Jackie Duvall
Portland, Oregon - Metro West Ambulance

Career Overview EMT - Basic with 2+ years experience. Experience is primarily in patient transport...

Manager - Jenni Clark
Portland, Oregon - Norris & Stevens

Summary Personable manager with professional, yet considerate . approach to each project, whi...

Master Trainer - Pono Kaimuloa
Portland, Oregon - LA Fitness

Summary Driven individual looking to gain experience in the insurance industry to improve on custome...

Institution RN - Monica Felix
Portland, Oregon - Dept. of Corrections

Professional Summary I am a Registered Nurse with 18 years experience in a variety of health care se...

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