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Courier Services/Conference Room Coordinator - Tracy Carmichael
New York, New York - The Millennium Group

Career Overview Hard - working, entry - level Mail Clerk Specialist looking to apply my experience...

DTP (Desk Top Publishing) - Rika Sonoda
New York, New York - Nomura securities International, Inc.

Professional Summary Seeking for challenging position as DTP operator that fully utilizes my experie...

STAFF - Jung Yun Park Park
New York, New York - KAMA Fashion Show

Highlights Computer : Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustration, Microsoft office Fashion : Illustra...

Client Relations, Rental Department - Alana Beth Casner
New York, New York - AbelCine

Education Bachelor of Arts : Environmental Studies : Human Behavior and the Environment May 2007 P...

Spanish Language Tutor - Caroline Stanford
New York, New York - Hartwick College

Professional Summary Ambitious student with completed coursework in U. S Foreign Policy and Interna...

Forklift Driver - abdoulaye deme
New York, New York - sls sears

Experience forklift driver 03/2000 to 05/2000 sls sears Obetz, OH company address : 2765 n hamilt...

Sales Leader - Pedro Perez
New York, New York - Loehman's Inc.

Professional Summary Retail Merchandiser skilled at creatively conceptualizing and building an artis...

New York, New York - LEMON CONCEPT

Summary I am a diligent and mature young person, I am self motivated Innovative, confident with we...

Fleet Assistant - Priscilla Kampo
New York, New York - Zamtel

Personal Information Place of Birth : Kafue Date of Birth : 25 September, 1985Present Resident i...

Author - Upton Sinclair
New York, New York - Meat-Packing Industry

Objective My writing career is devoted to documenting and criticizing the social and economic condit...

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