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Structural Mechanic - ANDRE D CAIN
Jacksonville, Florida - Johnson's Services

Summary OBJECTIVE : Sr. Structures and Composite Technician with FCC license, and some mechanic...

Forklift Operator - Gregory Griffin
Jacksonville, Florida - Metal Industries

Summary Dependable, hard - working forklift and machine operator with over 15 years experience in...

Homemaker - LANI R COMBAS
Jacksonville, Florida - Tara Lora

Summary Communications : Over 10 years of experience in customer service within a retail and office...

Front Desk Clerk - Fayola Armstead
Jacksonville, Florida - Building a Better You

Professional Summary Highly enthusiastic customer service professional with 10 years client interfac...

Maintenance Mechanic - Derwin Carter
Jacksonville, Florida - Coca Cola Refreshment

Summary Maintenance Mechanic with 7 years of experience in food manufacture. Active member of Food...

Cashier - Talena Waters
Jacksonville, Florida - Taco Bell

Summary Upbeat and flexible [cashier] with [5+] years experience in retail sales. Driven and resul...

Part-Time Assistant - Taylor Tracy
Jacksonville, Florida - RSK Assessments Inc.

Education University of North Florida 2016 Bachelor of Science : Engineering Jacksonville, FL, ...

Sale Floor - kamesha johnson
Jacksonville, Florida - Target

Professional Summary Talented Sales Associate effective at multi - tasking and maintaining a friendl...

Receptionist - Victoria Valentine
Jacksonville, Florida - Kids First of Florida

Professional Summary Motivated CNA with a highly effective communication style. Efficient worker w...

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