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Postdoctoral Researcher - Wei-Yu Tseng
Los Angeles, California - University of California

Profile Seeking a challenging and rewarding position as a process engineer to develop solutions in t...

Tax Preparer - Antonius Childress
Los Angeles, California - Liberty Tax

Career Overview Results - driven Customer care agent with proven ability to establish rapport with c...

Head Designer - Nyctyloyd Gonzalez
Los Angeles, California - Babeezy

Summary Graphic Artist skilled in a variety of designs, logos and marketing packages designed to s...

Sales Professional - William Santizo
Los Angeles, California - Bloomingdales

Professional Summary Talented Sales Associate effective at multi - tasking and maintaining a friendl...

Costco Wholesale- Food Service Assistant - Elias David Garcia
Los Angeles, California - A2Z-It Inc

Background, Objective Seeking administrative position as a junior staffer in the office of a membe...

Sr Sales Authority - James Lewis
Los Angeles, California - Sports Authority

Summary I am well trained in sales such as (footwear), making sure that sales goals are up and goi...

Consultant/Business Development - Bryan O'Connell
Los Angeles, California - Wilcrick Manor

Executive Profile Detail - oriented Entertainment Executive accomplished in motion pictures and tele...

Clerical-Human Resource-Phone Operator - Susan Adame
Los Angeles, California - Target Store

Professional Summary Bilingual self - starter with broad customer service background. Organized an...

Canvassing/ Customer Service - Denise Morris
Los Angeles, California - SB Strategies, LLC

Career Overview Dedicated Customer Service Representative motivated to maintain customer satisfactio...

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